Summer Break Day 1

Carla, my five year old, decides to do something to herself that’s going to take another five years to put right. She offers no explanation.

P1030521This is going to be a long summer.


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9 Responses to Summer Break Day 1

  1. Mel says:

    Wow! Does she regret it now?

    • TrailingHusband says:

      I don’t think she realises what she’s done, or the fact that she’s going to have a weird patch of sticky-up hair for the next few years as it grows out.

  2. Anonymous says:

    At least (I assume) she cut off her own not anyone else’s

    • TrailingHusband says:

      Indeed. This is the second time she’s done this. The first time was her fringe, but a lot less hair. That had just grown out when she decided to do this.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Alex is laughing so hard right now…Elizabeth is asking the perennial question “but why?”

  4. Long summer indeed! (She said as she tried not to giggle.) Good luck with Hurricane Carla

  5. As a primary school teacher of 10+ years experience, I cannot tell you how many times a parent/carer would bring in a child who had cut off their hair or fringe. One boy cut all the buttons off all of his shirts once and one even shaved their legs using carpet cleaning foam … I could go on! I once shaved my eyebrows off, and I was old enough to really know better – you live and learn!

    • TrailingHusband says:

      Hello Molly

      Thanks for stopping by! It’s those kind of stories that make me think it must be fun to be a primary school teacher, if it wasn’t for all that teaching of primary school kids you have to do!

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