Blood & Gauze

This morning Stanley had two teeth extracted to make some room. Here they are:

Long aren’t they? I hope the Tooth Fairy’s been to the ATM this week.

Stanley has survived (so far):

The dental nurse said that he ‘takes nitrous really well’. ┬áThat’s my boy.

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6 Responses to Blood & Gauze

  1. Julie says:

    Money is not the problem for this tooth fairy, memory is. Have been known to use bad weather, kiddo awake too late, too many kids to cover in one night as excuses. Not my better moments!

  2. Our tooth fairy once had to borrow from her client’s money box, which is not easy to do silently and in the dark.

  3. DorkDad says:

    Big thumbs-up from this dentist daddy-blogger.

    -Dork Dad

  4. … that looks painful! The tooth fairy should have got him the 5lb gummy bear.

  5. In order:
    1. My LORD those are long teeth! Definitely deserves extra $
    2. His eyes have the look of pain in them, hurts my heart to see that
    3. Giggled about taking the nitrous really well – ‘that’s my boy’. Giggled again when I typed this. And yet again. Great line

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