Sample questions I’ve had to answer over breakfast

No context or clarification is provided. Answers must be simple, concise and not boring. Reasons, examples or proof are required wherever impossible.

How did the first person know what to call things?

Which letter of the alphabet do you hate the most?

Why don’t they make kettles out of Tupperware so you can put them in the microwave?

What is the toughest puppy you’ve ever seen?

Satisfactory responses may prompt a supplementary question or, if I’m really lucky, a change of subject.

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3 Responses to Sample questions I’ve had to answer over breakfast

  1. Rebecca J says:

    My sympathies. Recent examples here include, “Why is the Sky up?” “Why is the moon?” (!) “How do lightsabres work and can we make one?” and “Why can’t I fly”?

  2. They never ask things like ‘How does my bed get made every day?’ or ‘What happens to the dirty clothes after they go in the laundry basket?’ I’d have answers to those.

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