We’re back in the house!

There’s still a smell of smoke when you first walk in, but we don’t notice it any more. That’s not to say other people won’t however, so not only will they know us as ‘those English people’, but they will be able to distinguish us from other English people because we’ll now be ‘those English people that smell of smoke’. Yes, the whole family relies on me to point out the bright side of any situation.

It is good to be back in so soon, though, because Jenni’s sister is coming to visit us for a whole week as of Saturday and we’re still going ahead with a house-warming (should it be house-cooling?) party on Monday, which is a holiday here.  Two rooms are out of action: a spare bedroom (who cares?) and the kids’ playroom, which has our only television in it (oh crap), but there are people working here every day that assure me in broken English that everything will be completed by the end of the week.  They are unable to answer supplementary questions.

I’m still slightly concerned about one of the two big palms in the front yard.  See if you can guess which one:

Now, I’m not a qualified treeologist or anything, but I’d say that the one on the right has suffered some sort of trauma.  Perhaps it was the lightning.  Or perhaps it supports Arsenal.  Either way, I don’t think it’s going to get better any time soon.

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  1. ‘Or perhaps it supports Arsenal’ – thank you for making me spill my morning koffie down my chin as I giggled aloud. If it’s any consolation, I have been a Fernando Torres fan for years. So I’m right there with you in the ‘hoping they’ll turn it around’ sweepstakes. Glad you’re back in your home. You’ve obviously had your house-warming compliments of Mother Nature; hope the party went without incident!

  2. It did go without incident, yes! Someone even gave us a fire extinguisher as a house-warming present.

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