A Brief Interlude of Fun

Fred, one of Stanley’s friends from the Old Country, is in Orlando with his family doing the theme parks for a couple of weeks. We were supposed to have them to stay for a night so we can hire a boat to zip around off the coast of Fort Lauderdale for an afternoon, but the fire has put paid to all that.

It occurs to us that the insurance company that’s paying our hotel bills won’t mind where the hotel is, so we decide to go to Orlando for a few days. Not only does Stanley still get to see Fred, but it gives Jenni and me an opportunity to get away from dealing with the landlord, his insurance adjusters, our insurance adjusters, the renovation company, the cleaning company, the electrician, the plumber, Florida Public Utitilties, Comcast and ADT, and go into deep, sun-drenched denial.

 Jenni has to fly to the UK on business, but I stay on in Orlando with the kids and we even manage a trip to Typhoon Lagoon.

Come on Stanley, at least look like you're enjoying yourself!

That's better.

Inevitably, an electric storm triggers a Jaws-style evacuation from the water, providing the perfect excuse for a bucket of ice cream.

Happy Much?

The boys soon experience diminishing returns and wander off, leaving Carla to prove that she alone has what it takes to finish the job.

Grim Determination

Before setting off on the long drive back to Boca to reunite with Jenni at yet another hotel, I see that Irene has had the decency to veer east, removing our house from the Cone of Uncertainty entirely. Thanks, love!

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  1. Love that you went to Orlando. I must admit I wouldn’t have even thought about merely ‘switching hotels’. Well done!

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