A few days in the Bahamas

Fortunately Emily became so disorganised  that we were able to enjoy our long weekend away after all.  The Weather Channel continued to anthropomorphise the cyclone, reporting on her efforts to become a hurricane and hypothesising about her intended course by threatening viewers with their ‘cone of uncertainty’ for days after the locals had stopped talking about it all together. Floridians have obviously become adept at interpreting the hype.

The highlight of our stay was a shallow water encounter with a dolphin named Brewer. Dolphins are delightful creatures…

…but they are not exempt from Carla’s attitude towards Creation in general.

Don’t be discouraged, Brewer! She’s a tough audience.

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3 Responses to A few days in the Bahamas

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m with Carla – they are not to be trusted!

  2. It’s hard to trust to an animal that never stops smiling.

  3. Kathryn mccourt says:

    Carlas face is so funny!!

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