Whither the Storm?

I changed my mind about taking the family down to the Keys for a few days at the end of this week because of the weather forecast.  On Saturday my plans came up in conversation with our neighbours, and they said that there really isn’t that much to do indoors there, especially for the kids, and there’s a good chance of rain.  Instead we opt to hop over to the Bahamas, where there’s plenty to do in the resort even when it’s raining, and it usually only rains for short periods of time anyway.

Pretty smug, huh?  Read on…

When Jenni tells her colleagues at work about the booking we made on Sunday night, they’re horrified. She calls me up to tell me there’s a storm brewing in the Atlantic and it’s heading this way.  It seems that the Severe Weather Warning messaging service that I subscribed to last week made the mistake of sending the text to my iPhone right in the middle of a particularly tense game of Fruit Ninja, leaving Stanley with no option but to dismiss it without so much as a mention.

It occurs to me that perhaps we ought to get some travel insurance. I get as far as finding out that it’s only valid if taken out before a storm is named, when the kids finally pester me into feeding them.  After their tea I get back on the PC to discover that the storm has just been named ‘Emily’. So that’s a premium of $82 I needn’t spend, then. And what a pretty name for a system of strong thunderstorms with sustained winds between 39 and 73 miles per hour, especially one that’s heading directly towards our weekend destination and then straight on to our house.

Still, according to the Weather Channel, Emily is ‘poorly organised’ making it (her?) liable to change direction and unlikely to turn into a full-blown hurricane.  This is why, when everyone else is battening down the hatches and driving north west on Thursday, we’ll be hopping on a plane and flying south east.

Of course I wouldn’t take such a decision unilaterally. While Jenni is apprehensive and Stanley is apathetic, I have the full support of Carla, following her recent experience in the hurricane simulator at WonderWorks in Orlando.

She loved it!

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